On Hold

Almost 2 weeks into October and harvest is kind of on hold. Rain last week, ripening really slowed down. The cool off is good for the vines to recover from all the heat, though could have done with out the .50 inch of precipitation.
I am pressing our tanks of Thomson Pinot Noir yesterday and tomorrow. The wine is is tasting really nice coming off the press, always a good sign!
The motor for the fan than cools the cellar went out yesterday. Had the AC man look at it this afternoon and he is coming back at 7AM tomorrow to put in a new motor. I truly love the american work ethic and ability to get things done right away.
Syrah is starting to as of this morning, looking very dark and smelling delicious. Some of it is fermenting in stainless steel, some in wood, I’ll be headed back to the winery in an hour or so for the last punchdown of the day.
The above photos is of Bubbles and I checking in on one of our Syrah vineyards yesterday. She would prefer to live in the vineyard.

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