Pinot Noir at 30 brix!

After the past 7-10 days of of a heat wave here in Southern California it has finally returned to normal with foggy mornings and mild days. It seems that this heat wave really caught a lot people off guard. Many vineyards in Sta. Rita Hills had Pinot Noir that was just about ready to pick before the heat. Some vineyards are just too large to pick in a day or two. Other winemakers though they would just wait out the heat. Needless to stay there are now many stories now circulating the neighborhood of winemakers bringing in de-hydrated Pinot noir in the range of 27-30 brix. This translates to must with a potential alcohol of 16% – 18%, YOWZERS! Hard to believe one can make drinkable wine out of these grapes, even with the help of “watering back” or de-alching the final blend.

It is a great relief that we got our Pinot at 23.5 brix, guess I’d rather be a bit early than late. As of today, 10/04/10 our Pinot has finally started to ferment after a 7 day cold soak.

We also picked 2.5 tons of Syrah from Watch Hill vineyard this past Saturday. The fruit looked really nice, very fresh bright fruit flavors, nice numbers, 23.7 brix, 3.56pH. It is now cold soaking in the cellar, will update as needed.

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