The Wrong Side of the Rhône – PALATE PRESS

The winemakers of Seyssuel gear up for the long and bumpy road from IGP to cru.

Source: The Wrong Side of the Rhône – PALATE PRESS

Some of the most interesting new wines coming out of the Rhone Valley are made from Syrah plantings on the “wrong side” of the river adjacent to Cote Rotie. The article linked above gives a great update on what Stephan Ogier is doing across the river from his family’s Cote Rotie vineyards. It is great to hear about young winemakers planting sites that have lay fallow for years and making something special from them.

Over the past few years we have come to love the wines coming from the Collines Rhodaniennes area produced by both Stephan Ogier and Domaine Faury. It is not always easy to find (or afford!) the Cote Rotie produced by Ogier and the St. Joseph by Faury, these wines are great alternatives. These syrah bottlings always give us great inspiration for what we are trying to do at Holus Bolus.

Amy and I had a great visit with Stephan Ogier back in 2010. He took us through all of his various Syrah cuvées from Cote Rotie and Collines Rhodaniennes and his wines will always be some of our favorites.

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