What we love most

Whenever I am walking through the vineyards (particularly in the Spring, when there is far less to fret about than in the Summer and Fall) I realize how fortunate I am to being doing something that I love. In fact, I don’t have the work ethic to do something that I don’t enjoy (like that summer after college where I lasted about a week locked in a building custom printing photos) I wouldn’t last a minute sitting in an a cubicle in an office pushing papers. I have always tried to find work that offered the possibility of not being in an office, of learning a trade and eventually evolving into something else (like being your own boss). I think you should always be trying to improve your work situation, even if you like your job, look for something better, otherwise you are stuck.
Earlier this week Bubbles (the dog) and I were out checking in on vineyards. Bubbles likes being outside more than anything and the plethora of scents in the vineyard is almost too much for her. This photo is of Watch Hill Vineyard in Los Alamos, one of our Syrah vineyards. Spring is always very cool and windy in Santa Barbara County and at the end of April we still only have about 4 inches of shoot growth in the Syrah. We were lucky to escape the severe frost damage that hit a lot of vineyards across the Central Coast on April 8-9. Overall things look good at this stage: even growth, no “spring fever” caused by cold wet ground and warm weather in the forecast.

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